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Judge Robert C.

Having presided over 33,000 cases, Judge Winkler is an experienced and proven voice for public safety. 


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Judge Robert Winkler has presided over 33,000 cases throughout his 20 years of judicial experience.

As a former Assistant Prosecutor, Judge Winkler knows how crime impacts our neighborhoods and effects our quality of life. Judge Winkler has a proven track record of standing up to criminals and protecting victims.

Having served on all three courts in Hamilton County - Municipal, Common Pleas, and Appeals, Judge Winkler is unmatched in his experience and understanding of our judicial system.

We need Judge Winkler's experience and steady leadership on our court!


Judge Winkler has a proven and trusted record and always upholds the values of justice in his courtroom. 


Judge Winkler will always prioritize public safety and work to keep violent criminals off our streets.


Judge Winkler will always enforce the law and ensure that justice is served.


Judge Winkler will always ensure that everyone involved in a case - particularly victims - are treated with dignity and respect. 


Following A Father's Path

Court News Ohio

February 6, 2024

US Postal Service Complications Lead Ohio Court to Reverse Default Judgment

First District Court of Appeals Judge Robert C. Winkler believes the best training to become a judge is to watch and learn from respected jurists. That approach has benefited when hearing cases at all levels of the state court system: municipal, common pleas, appellate, and now for the first time, the Supreme Court of Ohio.

“It started with my father when I was a teen. I’d go to the courthouse to watch trials and see him work on the bench,” said Judge Winkler, who sat Tuesday for a Supreme Court case as an assigned visiting judge.

“I saw that he enjoyed the law and talking with attorneys, and knew it was something I wanted to pursue.”

Those visits to the Hamilton County Courthouse to see his father, the late Ralph Winkler, would later become part of Judge Robert Winkler’s professional routine. He started working there as a law clerk, then split 14 years as a private attorney and prosecutor before settling in at the courthouse for 17 years as municipal and common pleas judge.

“The path was very similar to my father. He spent 22 years between the municipal and common pleas courts before he retired as a First District judge,” said Judge Winkler.
He took the advice of his father and other judicial mentors to never stop studying the law. And his knowledge continues to grow on the court of appeals.

“Almost every day, I learn something new,” said Judge Winkler. “Attorneys keep us appellate judges on our toes because we handle such a wide range of cases that can raise issues we’ve never considered before as a court.”


An Ohio court reversed the granting of a default judgment to a firm after concluding that the defendants didn’t receive the summons and complaint due to mailing complications.

In a Nov. 3 opinion, Judge Robert C. Winkler of the Court of Appeals for the First Appellate District of Ohio reversed and remanded the entry of a default judgment to Sanders & Associates, determining that mailing errors caused the initial summons and complaint sent to the defendants to be improperly served.


November 9, 2023

'He loved everyone.' Former Hamilton County Judge Ralph Winkler, Sr. dies unexpectedly

Former Hamilton County Judge Ralph Winkler died Thursday evening, according to Hamilton County Republican Party chairman Alex Triantafilou.

Winkler's children confirmed their father's death in social media posts Friday morning.

"I am sorry to tell all my family and friends that my father, Ralph Winkler passed away suddenly tonight. He loved everyone," Ralph "Ted" Winkler wrote of his late father on Facebook. "Please pray for My family, but also know we are at peace. He was a man of faith."


Cincinnati Enquirer

September 4, 2020


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